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Kelly Hodgins Headshot.jpg

Kelly Hodgins

Besides starting Platform Interpreting NZ Kelly has been interpreting for.....

Passionate that Deaf people have the right to choice and works closely with specific community representative groups and individuals to ensure this happens. Incredibly grateful to all who have and continue support the work of PINZ.. 

Coordination for performances and events undertaken by PINZ. 

Training and teaching how to interpret across all theatre genre, music interpretation, comedic skills, performances for children, 

Dedicated to supporting the right interpreters in this niche/unique area of interpreting 

She believes in a 1to1 training approach so that individual interpreters can truly hone their skills -

Requested to present both nationally and internationally in both the general field of interpreting and performance/music interpreting 

Mentors both NZ & international interpreters - over 20 

Through extensive (voluntary) work ensured that the Deaf community have access to regular theatre and entertainment events throughout Auckland and has begun to work with other major centres too. Proud to have been instrumental in establishing performance interpreting services for multiple companies' annual programmes - each show has at least one NZSL Interpreted performance 

PINZ is the only organisation to provide Deaf accessible performances for local, national and international events in New Zealand 

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