Scott Hamilton

Scott started his interpreting career initially in New Zealand and then moved abroad and completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting with UCLAN in the United Kingdom back in 2007. Scott worked in the UK for a few years and then returned home here in 2010.

Scott works as a community interpreter and also works for the Video Relay Service one day a week. Scott first started interpreting for the Comedy Festival here in Auckland in 2011 and did 4 consecutive festivals. He enjoys the challenges of language, modality and representing the comedian’s character. His passion for this made him start pursuing musical theatre. He successfully interpreted Jesus Christ Superstar back in 2014, which led him on to do a smaller show named Fallout the next year. He then went onto to interpret a Broadway production of West Side Story with Kelly Hodgins in 2017.

Scott likes the variation that musical theatre provides, turning verbal songs into beautiful visual translations for the Deaf community to access the content.
He went onto to do a show for the  Auckland Art Festival called ‘Jack Charles vs the Crown’ which is a doco style show about an aboriginal man's life. This was an amazing experience and even ended up with audience members doing a haka in respect of the performer.

Scott likes a challenge and is happy to work on the stage, he is conscientious and really thinks about what he is doing so to give a quality interpretation to the audience!