Platform Interpreting NZ

Quality, Experience, Expertise

Platform Interpreting NZ is the leading company with expertise to provide accessibility to the Arts for the New Zealand Deaf community. We work throughout Aotearoa with local, national and international organisations, promoters and venues to provide quality access for theatrical performances, music concerts, festivals, film & television, art gallery tours, conferences, forums, visual performances and so much more.

We provide a full package service to help you to best meet your Deaf patrons’ needs. Our highly experienced team consists of Performance Interpreters, Platform Interpreters, Deaf Consultants and New Zealand Sign Language Interpreter Consultants. These team members work alongside you to provide your Deaf audience with a memorable experience that keeps them coming back for more! 

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is unique to the NZ Deaf Community who have their own distinctive culture.  Platform Interpreting NZ acts as the cultural liaison between organisations and the Deaf Community, promoting upcoming accessible events through our social media platforms, on our website, and face-to-face at local Deaf Societies throughout the country. 

In addition, we can create high quality and engaging promotional videos in NZSL with English captions to market your event to the Deaf Community.